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The Los Angeles region has one of the largest homeless population in the country and has highest rental rates. WE ARE HERE TO HELP

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Guardian Angel Housing Help Corp

Our mission

“One of the dreams of people all over the world is to have somewhere to lay their heads in safety and peace. Our aim is to help those who for one reason or another, are unable to afford this basic right in a civilized society. We therefore, solicit the help of generous donors, both in the private and public sectors to come to the aid of the poor, the homeless and as caring citizens, look beyond ourselves to make just one more life truly blessed in a place called home.”


We provide housing for those that need it. We disburse the funds directly to the landlord on behalf of the tenant.  


Donations are directly used to help those in need of secured housing.  Any amount will help us reach our goal.


Our caring volunteers work together to ensure each case and process is safe, kind, respectful, and successful.

Spread Kindness

Guardian Angel Housing Help Corporation desires to make an impact on the community by giving homes to those who are less fortunate.  Listen to the testimonies of some of our volunteers and workers.  

To learn more about joining our cause click the “Learn More” button. 

What We Do

Housing assistance for low income and the homeless​

Guardian Angel Housing Help Corp came out of the idea of some concerned people who saw that many persons needed a place to live but could not afford the high rental cost in the Los Angeles area.  For many years, we have tried to find accommodation for many who would otherwise be forced to live on the streets.

We, therefore, help to find a place for these persons and hope to assist financially by supplementing the cost of rental of a room, an apartment or a congregate living house. It is common practice now for individuals to share a house and its amenities and we help in locating and assisting in this. 

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Meet Our staff

D. Patrick Grant

B.A., B.Ed., M.A., A.T.C., L.R.S.M

MaryAnn Magcalas


Concepcion Penez


Winnifred Okiolie
Norman Nico Johnson
Brenan Watson


20721 Vanowen Street, #C4 Winnetka, CA 91306

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